A downloadable asset pack

Hello! This archive contains an RPG in a Box project folder, with a small collection of placeholder assets for use in this engine, for prototyping or goofing around. I've also put together a mini game map, if it is useful or fun for you to build upon it or improve it!

These assets are Creative Commons! You can use them in your projects and modify them to your liking! If you would like to, please credit andysphinx

RPG in a Box is created by Justin Arnold - https://www.rpginabox.com/

The palette is Colorquest Retro Recolor - https://lospec.com/palette-list/colorquest-retro-recolor

find this palette and many others, plus pixel and voxel art resources on lospec.com - it's pretty rad


Cat Game.zip 81 MB


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Cute as heck !