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Dragon Map is a project file containing assets and a script to generate a small, simple terrain map for the game engine, RPG in a Box.  You will also need that software to use this file.

This is presented as a work-in-progress example of one use for open simplex noise in the program. It is not especially speedy, but perhaps interesting or useful for one of your projects!  UPDATED - now it is speedy! Let me know how it performs on your computer or if you make anything cool with it!

You can also check out the .vox files for the dragons here - https://andysphinx.itch.io/tiny-voxel-dragons

My  voxel assets are public domain and free for commercial or non-commercial use. You can credit andysphinx or link to this page if you feel like it. Feel free to share your results if you improve on this!

The assets include 5 tiny dragon models with a wingflap animation, 2 tiny trees, and a ground tile with several animation frames to create the different terrain types.

Press the 'R' key to create a new map, and the arrow keys or WASD to move the red dragon around. Currently, no trees, etc, are placed on the map - just tiny dragons enjoying the scenery!

The palette used is Graveyard Mist - https://lospec.com/palette-list/graveyard-mist

RPG in a Box - https://zeromatrix.itch.io/rpginabox


dragon_map_v2.zip 2 MB

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